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Our Story

Milverton Writers is a vibrant international community of writers united by their passion for the written word. Established in 2016 by Jon Mycroft, the group's early meetings were held in a cosy library setting, with members gathering around an open fire. Now led by Tanya Pengelly, Milverton Writers has transformed into an online community that embraces a wide range of literary traditions. This variety enriches our community, offering something for every writer, whether we're crafting intricate verses, weaving compelling narratives, unravelling mysteries, imagining futuristic worlds, documenting real-life stories, or enchanting young minds.

Milverton Writers provides a supportive platform for writers to connect, share their work, and inspire one another. Our small community thrives on collaboration and mutual encouragement, helping each member to grow and refine their craft. Although we are a closed group and do not accept new members, we cherish the close-knit bonds we have formed and continue to foster a nurturing environment for our current members.

The Writers

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